• Our locations
    Our locations
  • Prospection minière et pétrolière
    Heavy oil and mineral prospecting thanks to the use of large scale geophysical methods
  • Photo Madagascar
  • Photo Madagascar 2
  • Diagnostic environnemental, prospection d'eau souterraine
    Environmental studies, water and soil sampling, groundwater research
  • Instrumentation
    Design, supply and installation of high-technology monitoring equipment (Campbell Scientific, JW Fisher, Madgetech, etc.)
  • Diagnostics structurels
    Non-destructive diagnosis of concrete structures, core sampling for laboratory tests
  • Détection réseaux enterrés
    Detection of buried and walled networks and utilities
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STRATAGEM974 is an engineering and consulting firm specialized in delivery high-quality data acquisition, processing and interpretation for pratical applications in geosciences.
Our objective is to assist our clients in geological, hydrological, environmental and civil applications. These clients include mining companies, geophysical contractors, universities, research institutes and governmental agencies.
Fielding the most modern equipment available and utilizing the latest data gathering techniques, our experienced personnel provides quality data in a cost-effective manner in all kinds of environment (work at height, hazardous sites, underwater)

Recent works

  • Cavities detection

    Cavities detection

    Étude via les ondes de surface (MASW) des anomalies dans les 10 premiers mètres d'anciennes coulées de laves.MASW survey for the detection of anomalies (voids, lava tunnels, separations of layers) down to depths of ten meters in Mauritius.
  • Groundwater prospecting

    Groundwater prospecting

    Prospection de nouvelles ressources en eau potable pour l'implantation d'un forage AEP.Groundwater prospecting in order to position future water wells.
  • Instrumentation of solar power plant

    Instrumentation of solar power plant

    Nous intervenons pour l'instrumentation de centrales photovoltaïquesWe are involved in the instrumentation of solar power plants.
  • Structural diagnosis of large scale constructions

    Structural diagnosis of large scale constructions

    Nous intervenons régulièrement dans le cadre de diagnostics non-destructifs d'ouvrages d'art en béton armé.Our team is involved in non-destructive diagnosis of large scale concrete constructions and structures.
Geophysical surveys, non-destructive testing, Civil engineering & Environmental, Instrumentation & monitoring