We propose a full set of services for the detection of buried network and utilities. , for:

  1. the detection of buried networks (water pipes, electricity, telecommunication)
  2. the refreshment of network maps
  3. the security of workers


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Some references

  1. Detection of buried networks
  2. Detection of cavities

Our experience and our competence in geosciences and geophysics allow us to propose adapted solutions for different kinds of environmental studies.

Pollution studies

  1. Full pollution diagnosis of abandonned or active industrial sites (processing plants, landfill) in the framework of their reconversion
  2. Soil and water sampling for laboratory analysis (COFRAC agreement)

Natural resources prospecting

  1. Groundwater prospecting,
  2. Design, rRealization and interpretation of pumping tests,
  3. Geothermal exploration,
  4. Quarry localization.

Some references

  1. Groundwater prospecting
  2. Borehole diagnosis
  3. Pollution diagnosis of former industrial sites (in construction)
  4. Study of a large scale landslide

Our team provides consultancy services for the design, the supply and the installation of monitoring instruments for academic, engineering and industrial processes. We develop, supply and install “ready to use” solutions for :

  1. the measurement of environmental parameters (climate, hydrometry, volcanology, oceanography, air quality) on any kind of site (isolated, at heigth, urban)
  2. the study of solar or wind potential on a given site (for solar and wind power plants)
  3. the monitoring of noise and vibrations, concrete structures deformation and rock mass stability
  4. underwater search surveys (archeology, wreck, treasures, cables location, underwater cameras and ROVs, boat towed & hand held metal detector, sonar systems) with JW Fisher equipment


We are the official provider of the following companies for the indian ocean area:

Campbell Scientific® – world leader for Measurement & Control Products for Long-term Monitoring

JW Fisher, specialists in the design and manufacture of underwater search systems

Madgetech, manufacturer of dataloggers used to measure and record a wide variety of parameters for many industries including food, pharmaceuticals and energy

Some references

  1. Installation of hydrometric stations in hostile environements
  2. Instrumentation of solar power plants

Non-destructive analysis of concrete constructions

We propose a complete set of services for the non-destructive analysis of concrete constructions (buildings, historical monuments, slabs, walls and beams). These services enable:

  1. to quickly and accurately locate the reinforcing bars in concrete structures (buildings, bridges)
  2.  to detect shallow and deep targets in concrete structures (reinforced bars, pre and post-tension cables, conduits, cracks, voids, structural heterogeneities)
  3. to evaluate the integrity of concrete structures (concrete thickness and carbonation, corrosion of rebars)
  4. to localize weight-bearing structures in a building
  5. to control the quality of concrete structures after the construction phase.

Using 3D equipment and specialized softwares, we are able to reconstitute the three dimensional location of rebars in concrete structures.


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Some references

  1. Building diagnosis
  2. Large scale constructions diagnosis

The increasing awareness of the public of environmental issues such as CO2 emissions, carbon footprints and waste recycling has brought up the issue of environmental noise, vibration and air quality monitoring. Many of the demands of modern society result in the creation of nuisance sources, such as larger airports, additional power stations and higher road traffic levels. STRATAGEM provides a range of services for measuring and monitoring these nuisances.


  1. Noise at work and industrial noise
  2. Environmental noise
  3. Construction noise
  4. Entertainment noise
  5. Vehicle noise


  1. Public works
  2. Industry
  3. Airports

Dust / air quality

  1. Public works


Some references

  1. Noise measurements (in construction)
  2. Background noise evaluation (in construction)
  3. Vibration monitoring

Geophysical prospecting

STRATAGEM team provides a full range of services for locating & studying ore deposits and oil reservoirs, thanks to the use of large scale geophysical methods. We assist our customers for designing, organizing and realzing large scale geophysical prospecting surveys. The objective is to locate buried ore deposits or oil reservoirs and to study their geometry & productivity.

When airborne and classic surveys are not able to give accurate data for delineating such buried units, we have the solutions: high density Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT), Induced Polarization (IP) and Magneto-Telluric (MT) methods. These ground-based measurements enable:

  1.  to precisely map the extend of ore bodies & oil reservoirs
  2. to define pertinent drilling locations
  3. to upscale drilling logs results
  4. to optimize mining operations on the field.

Our teams of skilled geophysicists and engineers (PhD, MSc) are present on the field for permanent data quality control, hence reducing survey delays in remote areas. Every member is used to field work in rough conditions and is highly trained for data acquisition and interpretation, introducing field observations, borehole logging and core sampling data into the final model.

Data Processing & Compatibility

Our powerful software solutions give the best results on the market for 2D, 3D, and 4D modeling. Thanks to the use of joint inversion processes, we are able to introduce different sets of data in the inversion process for enhancing model accuracy and representativity. Moreover, as our clients commonly  use their own software suite for seismic data modeling, we have developed a code in order to provide our results into seismic data format (segy).


  Our services for geophysical exploration: Services presentation – Stratagem974

  Our mining brochure: Mineral prospecting – brochure

Our references

  1. Geophysical prospecting for mining applications
  2. Gold prospecting
  3. Oil prospecting
Geophysical surveys, non-destructive testing, Civil engineering & Environmental, Instrumentation & monitoring